ObamaCare Making History

With a successful push to enroll 6 million people in the Affordable Care Act (“ObamaCare”), the White House enlisted Lebron James, celebrities, and young adults to reach uninsured younger Americans. This new effort was accomplished through a stream of YouTube commercials, highlighting the reasons young people should get covered under ACA, and the healthcare stories of those presented in the videos. The web series I believe can be linked with the White House success in going above their enrollment goal, with even 3 days left to sign up since the deadline has been lifted. More often than not, mainstream media covers a lot of the percieved negative of President Obama’s administration, driven by the republican Congress refusal to pragmatically partner with the president for collective good. Yet, because the White House may very well even reach closer to 7 million once the push is done, the media can only realistically cover the success of the ACA. I encourage us all, to hit up our friends, our family too, rather it be tweeting about the affordable care “ObamaCare” is providing, or just sending a text letting your aunt know. This historic healthcare program,when years pass, will surely be looked at it as a major milestone in our country’s history.

7 Million Possibility: http://blogs.marketwatch.com/health-exchange/2014/03/27/obamacare-reaches-6-million-mark-can-it-get-to-7-million-by-monday/
Affordable Care Act’s Evidence: http://www.cnbc.com/id/101532103


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