All About Guns or Is It?


After the shooting incidents in Arizona, Colorado, Newtown, the Navy Harbor, and those that occur every day that we as a nation, many families are recovering from, what after all this debate should be our response? A response in solutions, a solid practical blend of solutions that can prevent further tragedies from happening is absolutely necessary. Its not worth our children’s lives being lost, any life being lost, and people having to suffer over seeing people they know and love so dearly be blown by a bullet coming from someone who is unstable. Is the solution banning assault weapons, arming teachers, more security guards in our schools, or mental health initiatives? What we do recognize is that the time for political gaming over something so severe should be over. Let’s urge our districts Representatives, our Senators to draft and pass an assertive legislation #ProtectingPeopleNotGuns. Though I raise the question over what the solution is, the solution is becoming more clear as these horrific murders sadly continue to happen with little national action. The solution can be seen in what individual states such as Maryland and Colorado have recently done in passing sweeping bills putting a ban on assault weapons, stepping up background checks, and including a mental health component as well. Fareed Zakaria a policy leader in the global arena writes about the common sense action we can do right now, when our Congress gets the courage to do it (Check it out at the bottom). Can we wait for them to get the courage, or are we going to have the courage to pressure them to act now?

The Solution to Gun Violence is Clear

Courage Needed: Maryland’s Example for Nation


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