Mad Men (IC)


Remember the scene on Mad Men Season 5, where Don Draper in his smooth way nearly convinces the leading men of  Hershey’s brand to allow his agency to represent them? In his eloquent spill he shares a story of his “father” taking him to the drug store to get candy, with him picking of course Hershey’s. He continues this near lullaby saying that with warm affection “my father tasseled  my hair and forever his love and the chocolate were tied together.” Feeling any type of way? I bet the Hershey men sure were, salivating over what they just heard. It was a pitch for a commercial, a potential commercial for Don’s agency to design for Hershey’s brand. We get those same feelings of warmth, captivation, yes salivation, comfort, and empathy when we see commercials. No matter what network you choose, we see streams of commercials pulling at our emotions, tugging for our affections, ultimately demanding our attention. Demanding our attention to go out and do something, to buy a product, tell a friend, or register for something. Yet, not only do these as AD’s as we see in Don’s made up childhood case moves us to purchase something but it also inspires our cultural behavior. Individually we associate our favorite brands, often the leading ones with some sort of emotion, with some moment in our lives, and collectively these feelings, these brands become apart of who we are. There are three ways ad’s do this: define what’s important, shapes what we value, and inspires cultural pride. For another example, take Chrysler’s commercial during the Superbowl, designing the tagline “Its Halftime in America” highlighting the struggle and progress of all in this country we love. What brilliance, its what ads do all the time to us, its what marketing and pr agencies strategically conceive. Its how they trigger emotional responses in us, telling us either subtly or directly what should be important in our lives. So next time you sit down watching your favorite show, remember the Mad..oh sorry Ad agents who shape what we do, question is will it shape you?


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