Cleveland Rocks! (IC)

Indians celebrate

“What! Is this for real?” I exclaimed to my brother right after the Cavs won the Eastern Conference Championship heading into the NBA Finals for the first time ever in our playoff history. It was amazing, as my brother stood outside with thousands of fans who were not able to purchase tickets watching on the big screens right outside the Q (Quicken Loans Arena). My goodness, it was quite a night seeing everybody jump around, run around hugging each other in excitement. In fact there was one guy who even ran up to me high fiving and then delivering a big bear hug. For that night it was fine for a stranger I did not know to embrace me, because the people standing around us that night were not strangers to my brother and me, they were our city, our people, our town. Yes, this is what happens when victories come to Cleveland, this is the life, the pride of Cleveland sports that is shown in full display on a night like that. Just recently, there was another jovial and momentous celebration when the Cleveland Indians went to the postseason for the first time in years. The season ending in the Indians battling with intense effort for a wild card spot couldn’t have ended better with Jason Giambi an all star of sorts in baseball, at 42 years old hitting a walk off homer to lead us towards the postseason! We as Clevelanders take pride in our city. We take pride despite of “The Decision”, despite off the Indians former loss to the Redsox in 96, despite off “The Shot”, and despite of the Browns miseries. We keep on going, we keep rooting, keep on cheering on our teams because its who we are. This indomitable spirit and energy is embedded within our culture, in the culture of Cleveland, we accept and expect nothing less than that!


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