Freedom to…You CHOOSE (IC


We have the freedom to do whatever the heck we want in this country, to a degree of course. We see in this shutdown situation, that we have the freedom to be irresponsible, we have the freedom to be stupid. It is plain stupid to hold our country’s economic progress back even though it may be short term, for the expense of some political gain or a cheap score on the President whom a number of our public officials in Congress disdain. What do we about this? Do we just sit back and allow it to continue to happen or do we do something about it? Well, part of the answer is in what we are already doing, in what is already taking place around the country. Everyday millions, yes millions of Americans wake up, get out of bed, and go to the workplaces serving our country in a variety of ways. We see this  in a corporate office designing the roll-out of a new product that will be environmentally sustainable, in a classroom where a dedicated woman is teaching special need’s children, in a factory where someone recently trained is making windmills for new energy sources, or a firefighter standing by the call. We see it in a college setting like Washington Adventist University, that took a whole day off to serve. It’s these stories and more that can inspire us to continue to do something each day to serve our country, because of all us, even just half of us contributing our part goes a long way. We have the freedom to do it, and that’s the beauty of it! Some may choose their freedom to be obstructionist, we can choose the latter. As we make that choice, what example will we send our leaders in the nations capitol to what path they should choose?


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