Reaching for the…. (ic)

logo-magiWhat is that moves you to get out of bed in the morning? Why do you go to work, school? Why do you what you do? Over this summer I had the most pleasant opportunity to intern for a great high school, Saint Ignatius High School in Cleveland, Ohio. In my first day there, there was a mass especially for the teachers being that it was the official last day of school, that I went to. Saint Ignatius being a Jesuit high school, performs these types of gatherings for their staff and faculty. It was a most interesting, and captivating experience as I went into the beautifully stained glassed window chapel on the picturesque grounds of their campus that sits off of a busy street of W.30th near West Side Market. As everyone walked in, conversing with one another, each person walked up to a fountain like basin filled with water placed on stones dipping their index finger into the water and touching it gently upon their forehead. The service began with songs, somewhat contemporary then coming a ushering in of the priest who performed the mass. Halfway through the service there was holy communion, as each row walked up orderly one by one to partake in the “bread” and “wine.” I got up out of my pew as well and walked down to the front to participate, as I also participated in the congregational prayers and songs. The congregational aspect of prayer was really the most grabbing point for me, being that the church I go to is primarily focused on the individuals praying up front, with congregational participation from time to time. Yet, after every sentence or two of a part of a prayer reading, the congregation would recite another part of the prayer and after each prayer request they would say “we pray to the Lord.” One fascinating principle I discovered amongst this beautiful joining of a church, is that Catholics believe particularly at this high school, in reaching for the Magis (The Greater Glory of God.) That is a most wonderful concept in its essence, because I saw after being there that this phrase, this principle inspires them in their work and service to the young men who attend Saint Ignatius High School. This is diversity, is the culture, this a sample of the many beliefs and religions that weave through our nation. It is the spirit of diverse faith that informs and shapes what we do, no matter what one’s faith is, rather it’s a religion or not because we all have something we believe in, something we grasp on to. So my question comes up again, why do we do what we do? As I learned recently, for some it is striving every day for the MAGIS, the greater glory of God. What will you strive for today?


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