Its Church! : The Hub of Culture (ic)

churchIts church! Yea I know, all kinds of images, some deeply reflective, and some humorous come to our mind we think of church. In church you see all kinds of people, backgrounds, and perspectives coming to a building on a day or two to have joint celebration of a higher being, God, that people worship. It can be an awesome site ,  seeing grandma’s decked out in colorful bow knotted church hats, a single mom coming in with her two energetic boys, a young man searching for something more, and a large family of six sitting quietly in the middle pew listening to the sermon. All of these pictures, all of these occasions vary from church to church depending on the life of culture that is brewed at the particular congregation of worship. This is why visiting a church can be fun, like I did this past weekend on a Saturday morning. I visited a church in Silver Spring, and was amazed to see such a marvelous blend of ethnicity’s present at this beautiful church. There were Latino’s, Jamaicans, other West Indie cultures, Europeans, Caucasians, and Indians all gathered for one central purpose. I believe in my heart this paints a field of view for what our country can become, and is becoming; this being all of us no matter where we come from, what our color is, coming and working together for one purpose of making our America a better home for us as all.


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